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About Mintie N Friends Guinea Pig Sanctuary

How Mintie N Friends started.

I actually started rescuing guinea pigs back in 2012 and in 2013, discovered my first ever lethal white. Casper, until then i had no idea of what lethal whites were. I researched and observed and learned about lethal whites through google but mainly through Casper. Throughout the time of Casper i also took on two other lethal whites Captain Charlie and Cyrus. I was best known as the Micro Piggies N Friends for quite sometime. In mid 2016 i found out i was pregnant with my first son and decided to take a break from doing guinea pig rescue. 
We kept the current rescues we had at that point but did no more rescues. 
Moved places, one of them did not allow pets. My mum kept the remaining rescues with her. 
2019 we finally found a place that allowed us to have pets and i got two more guinea pigs. Thing's slowly progressed from there. This was the year that brought me Mintie and reminded me of lethal whites and inspired me to get back into helping piggies in need and continue to spread the word. 2020, brought me into a huge rescue of a backyard situation that was out of control and ended being a rescue of over 100 guinea pigs after babies were born. I was motivated by Mintie to spread the information of lethal whites and help rescue guinea pig's that needed help. So i created this website and made that happen. We managed to rehome those rescues through and adoption process via this website. I was and am still set on sharing the information on lethal whites. There is still so many people out there that are unaware of lethal whites. Mintie was and still is the inspiration that got me motivated to get the information out there on lethal whites. This website will always be in memory of him as this website is how Mintie continues live on. 

About Mintie N Friends: About

Our goal at Mintie N Friends Guinea Pig Sanctuary

Our goal at Mintie N Friends is to help educate on guinea pig's with or without special care. For special care guinea pig's that are: 
- Lethal White. 
- Satin. 
- Clubfoot. 
- Neurological. 
- Blind/ sight issues. 
- Deaf/ hearing issues. 
- Deformities/ birth defects. 
- Any other kind of special care. 
Our goal is to help educate/ spread the word on information about these special care piggies. Along with sharing information about them on our Facebook page with photos, information and much more. We also have a lot of information contain on this website. Each tab contains different information about each topic and gives you the opportunity to get to know the piggies with special care, information and much more. We also aim to help other rescues with donations from a percentage from sales through Mintie's Marvellous Creationz.

About Mintie N Friends: About
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