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Adopt A Piggy

Finding rescue guinea pig's there furever loving homes!

Adopt A Piggy: Welcome

Guinea Pig's Available For Adoption or Pre-Adoption

All guinea pig's came from rescue's and have been on pregnancy watch and have either been successful with not being pregnant or have had pups and they are also looking for there furever homes. 
All guinea pig's are with foster carer's and will picked up from there. Location's of place's will be listed with a photo and information of the guinea pig. Must go to non breeding homes only! 
You must complete the adoption application and be approved before you can meet and pick up any guinea pig's. Please be patient and we like to be sure these will be the best of homes for them. 

All guinea pig's available for adoption. This includes there photo, information etc. 
Below you will see the guinea pig's available for adoption, when there are piggies available. If there is no photos below, it means theres currently none available. 

Adopt A Piggy: Services

Application Form To Adopt A Piggy

This is the form to adopt a piggy, all section's must be filled out in order for us to be able to get to know you and get an idea of the type of house these guinea pig's will be going to. We just want the best of home's for them.

Please send photos of cage set up via email at

Do you intend to breed the guinea pig or guinea pig's you are applying to adopt?

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

Adopt A Piggy: Job Application
Adopt A Piggy: Image
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