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Bath N Groom

This is the page to book in a grooming session and find tips about grooming.

How often should a guinea pig be bathed? 
Guinea pig's should only be bathed every 4-6 months, as bathing can do more harm then good. As it can damage there skin oils. 
How often should you clip a guinea pig's nails?
A guinea pig's nails should be trimmed monthly this prevents overgrowth, nails curling in and the kwik growing too much. 
How often should you treat a guinea pig for mites? 
Its best to treat them every 3 months, this helps prevent mites and worms. 
Does my guinea pig need a haircut or shave?
Is your guinea pig long haired? If so, its highly recommended through summer. As guinea pig's do not a sweat and are prone to heatstroke. 

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Only available in Loganholme, Brisbane. Must be able to drop off and pick up after treatment is completed. You are welcome to stay while treatment is done. Can work with day routine etc. Any guinea pig advice is always free, please never feel like you can't ask. Please email or message us via our facebook to arrange a booking.

Bath N Groom Package Deal


Bath N Groom includes: 
Bath, dry, mite dip, nail clip and haircut or shave. 

Bath N Nails


Bath N Nails includes: 
Bath, dry, mite dip and nail clip. 

Nail Clipping


Nail clip only.

Bath N Dry


Bath, mite dip and dry only.

Malaseb Wash


Malaseb wash is only needed if needing to treat fungal.

Mite Treatment


This treatment is ivermectin. It is a drop behind the back of the ear and treats mites and worms.

Haircut or Shave


This is for a haircut/ trim or a shave only.

Grease Gland/ Boar Clean


This is for a grease gland or boar clean only.

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Monday: 11am - 4pm
Tuesday: CLOSED 
Wednesday - Friday: 11am - 4pm 
Saturday: CLOSED 
Sunday: 11am - 4pm

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Contact us to book an appointment or ask a question!

Contact us through our website, email or facebook page to make a booking or ask any bathing/ grooming questions you may have.

Loganholme, Queensland, 4129

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