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Here at Mintie N Friends Guinea Pig Sanctuary, we aim to help all guinea pig's that require special care and extra love. Of course with that comes extra requirements. Everything helps, your support is always deeply appreciated. 
Donation will go towards what you choose. 
If you would like to buy the items yourself and ship them to us, you are more than welcome. Feel free to message us and we will happily give you the address. 

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You can make a donation via our bank account below or by clicking the donate button below to make a donation via PayPal (Please add what you would love the donation to go towards, below is a list of items needed or you can also choose for your donation to go towards vet bills)
Name: Mintie N Friends
BSB: 633123
Acc #: 166370270

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Lists Of Items Needed

Everyday Needs

Vetafarm Cavy Origins - 1.5kg ($16)
Vetafarm Cavy Origins - 6kg ($46)
Oxbow - 2.25kg ($28) - Note: These are the only pellets Basil, Licorice and Blackberry will eat. 
Vegetables - Anything helps. 
Toggle Mat - 90cm x 60cm ($10) 
Toggle Mat - 150cm x 50cm ($15)

Medical Needs

Syringes - 100 x 1ml ($15) 
Syringes - 100 x 5ml ($22)
Syringes - 100 x 10ml ($28) 
Vetafarm Crittacare - 350g ($22) 
Oxbow Critical Care - 141g ($30) 
Oxbow Vitamin Tablets ($21) 
Avimec - 50ml ($25) 
Maleseb - 250ml ($25) 
F10 Disinfectant - 200ml ($30) 

Regular Needs

Plastic Bowl ($1.75)
Ceramic Bowl ($6.50) 
Melamine Bowl ($5)
Water Bottle - 125ml ($7) 
Water Bottle - 250ml ($8) 
Water Bottle - 500ml ($11) 
Water Bottle - 800ml ($12) 
Litter Tray ($12)

Extras To Spoil

Wooden House - Large ($33) 
Wooden Log Hideout - Large ($23)
Oxbow Treats ($11) 

Donate: Team
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