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MINTIE. Treats N Products

MINTIE. Treats N Products are all handmade with lots of love and care to ensure your guinea pigs are wheeking and popcorning in delight! All proceeds go back into helping with care for our special care guinea pigs at Mintie N Friends.

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Trading hours are weekdays only, weekends are not included in the time frame. Shipping days are every Tuesday and Friday!

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Products For Pick Up ONLY

Bag Of Hay

$10 per bag of hay.

1kg Of Piggy Mix

$10 per kg, this includes a mix of chaff and pellets with added vitamins.

1kg Of Chaff

$5 per kg, this is just a bag of chaff only.

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Arrange Pick Up

Please add what you are after and much of each and the day and time you would like to pick up. We will get back to you!

Trading Hours: 
Monday: 11am - 4pm
Tuesday: CLOSED!
Wednesday: 11am - 4pm 
Thursday: 11am - 4pm 
Friday: 11am - 4pm 
Saturday: CLOSED! 
Sunday: 11am - 3pm

Thanks for submitting!

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