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Mintie Tries New Food

This week, I set out to try Mintie on other food. Besides crittacare. First he tried just pellets softened up. I was kinda unsure how this would go. As he has only had crittacare and milk for the start of his life. As he is still young, about 7 weeks old at the time of writing this. But I was determined to try him with something different.

It's safe to say, it was a good chance to take. Cause he loves them, by far one of his favourite things. He prefers the softened pellets over crittacare now. After this I decided to try him with an oxbow treat softened and mixed it. I only do half a one. But he loved the cranberry flavour one, which is what I had a few of already. I will have to try him with the other flavours too. After this being a hit, i decided to give him a go with some 100% apple puree. I knew this could be a 50/50 thing. Considering he has never had any fruit or vegetable. As he struggles to chew. I gave him a small amount of the apple puree mixed with his softened pellets.

Of course, he loved this idea. He hoffed down it down. He's definitely enjoying the taste to new food. After watching how he was going with new food. I decided to take it up a step and try him with some nice soft oxbow hay. Of course cut up into small pieces. I felt a little unsure of how this would go. But i sat and watched him closely.

He absolutely loved it, he can eat oxbow finely cut up with no problems. Which will be good for him all overall health wise. As hay is 80% of there diet. Slowly introducing him to new foods makes it easier for his body to to cope. Too much too soon, can also overwhelm his digestion system. This could cause him to have bowel issues etc. The final thing I tried him with this week was celery leaves.

He loved the celery leaves, he realised he had to slow down and chew them a little. But I'm glad he worked it out. Got a little worried for a second, then he worked it out and he ate it quickly. Even though, he can struggle to chew a little. He will learn how to chew things that work best for him. Time will tell with what he can cope with. I would never push him to far out of a comfort zone. But he's done really well for his first week of trying new food. He still has plenty more new food to try.

Well, that wraps the first installment of Mintie's blog. More to come soon, please let me know what you think and what you would like to hear or see more of from Mintie.

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