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What A Busy Week!

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated the last few days. It has been an extremely busy time with new arrivals! A pregnant sow from the Logan rescue that has been with another carer has birthed 2 little boys and they both come over into my care as their mother now named Strawberry has unfortunately rejected them both & I have all the supplements and vitamins here to give them the best care. 1 of the boy's unfortunately was very sickly & didn't have a good start to life but he fought for a whole 36 hours after he was born, was taking feeds well but ended up having a seizure in the end and passed away in our arms. His brother we called Donut, has now been taken in under one of the other mum's wing and she has been a great nanny mum to him & has been doing well & improving with each feed. Donut is the chocolate tri in the last photo.

To continue, an update on Mintie. Unfortunately Snowball has had a falling out with Mintie and started to attack him. We have tried taking Snowball out for the night to give them time apart and putting them together again the next day but Snowball tried to attack Mintie again. Snowball has now been rehomed to another carer. We have also tried to introduce Mintie to Èclair a desexed female but she also started to pick on Mintie. Mintie has been having play dates with 1 of the rescue babies here "Donut" & it is looking hopeful to pair them together when Donut is old enough. (Donut is a rescue baby rejected by his mother "Strawberry" & now another mum has taken him under her wing & nurturing him)

Finally I would like to introduce a very special trio. Faith is the mother, Chance is the baby boy & Grace is the little girl (tri colour). These 3 are from the Logan rescue that were taken on by 1 of the neighbours who have contacted us 3 weeks later as they weren't getting looked after. We tried to say we were happy to take them at the initial rescue, but they wanted to look after them themselves. They did the right thing and contacted us. Unfortunately the conditions they were kept in, Grace the mother has dropped weight significantly & the 3 week old babies are the size of newborns. There was originally 3 (another little boy) but he passed away the next day after being collected most likely due to shock from getting food into his tiny body). It is amazing that the other 3 are still alive. They are currently with another carer and have a nanny mum from the same rescue that has had her babies already is helping to look after the 2 bubs while Faith the mum recovers. Will attach a video of how skinny Faith is & a photo of Grace next to a healthy 2 week old baby as well as photos of them all on the scales.

Also, Gingernut's pups were 2 weeks old on Saturday just gone. Twix's pups were 2 weeks old on Sunday just gone and Pancake's pups were 2 weeks old on Monday just gone. I will try and do photos of them at 3 weeks old. Will try and continue to update more often, just figured it was easier to do all the updates in one blog this time round. Been extremely busy. Thanks for all the support and continuing to follow.

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