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Lettie's Adventure

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Written and illustrated by Alison.

Lettuce Us Start From The Beginning This story begins with a farmer, he had a farm filled with animals and a big patch for vegetables. Sadly it had been troublesome for the farmer to grow his vegetables. There was something about this place he wanted to grow his vegetables. No matter how hard he tried they wouldn’t grow.

One day he went out to get some more seeds to continue to try and grow his crops. This farmer was set on trying to grow them, no matter what it took. Little did he know, this is where everything was going to change. The farmer went and brought some new seeds, this time he brought them from somewhere different. But what he didn’t know was one of the seeds that had been mixed up with these seeds was a very special seed.

Once he was home, he planted the seeds and watered them. Later, that night there was a big horrible storm with a loud bang there was a lightning strike. It hit one of the seeds, bringing it to life and making it blossom. Making all the other seeds sprout around it. The night passed as did the storm, the sun rose and the rooster crowed.

The farmer got up and started he’s daily routine. By the time he got to the vegetable patch to water the seeds. He was in shock, there in the vegetable patch his seeds had sprouted and grown. But in between all of the vegetable’s was something unusual. It was some kind of creature made out of vegetables. The farmer was surprised, he leaned down and had a look. At first sight, it ran and hid. The farmer was calm and nice to the creature and told it not to be scared. The creature came up to the farmer. On closer inspection the farmer realised, this creature was a guinea pig. But it was a very special guinea pig. It was entire made up of vegetables. It’s feet touched the ground and made the soil and vegetables around it blossom with life. This what the farmer needed, he finally got his stroke of luck. He had no idea how or where this vegetable guinea pig had came from. He decided to give it a name and he named her Lettie and this is where Lettie’s adventure began.

To Be Continued... Stay tuned for the next part of Lettie’s Adventure Story.

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