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About Satins

Satins have been known to get the attention of many, although there coat may be shiny and let's be honest quite unique. It is actually quite a deadly breed, when i say deadly let's getting into some facts on why. 
Satins are known to be prone to Osteodystrophy or better known for it's short term OD. Although, they don't usually start showing signs til they are from the age of 12 - 18 months old. 
Signs they show are wobbly gait, problems with eating and with sows can cause parturition complications.
Unfortunately from the information and research found online. Satin is a gene that can not to bred out of a guinea pig. A satin pup can be born from a satin or a satin carrier. Sadly this means, that Osteodystrophy can not be bred out of a satin guinea pig. 
Not everyone is aware of satins and the extra care and time they will require throughout there lives. However if you end up with a satin guinea pig into your care be prepared for problems with:

• Dental.

• Bones.

• Joints / arthritis.

• Reproduction.
Satins do require regular vet checks and x-ray's to keep a check if Osteodystrophy is present or how it is progressing. If a satin does have Osteodystrophy it will require regular medication/ treatment for the remainder of it's life. Satins are also prone to have dental issue's. This is also something that has be regularly checked by a vet and can result in needing teeth trimming.

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Satins: About

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Satins: About
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Research/ Information Gained

Have recently discovered satins benefit from outdoor time in the sunlight. The effects of the sunlight helps produced Vitamin D as it does for us. Have noticed with satins, they tend to get a high energy burst etc after being out in the sunlight. Maybe, extra Vitamin D benefits a satin more then a normal guinea pig?Have also been giving the satins in our care Oxbow Joint Support tablets. Hoping this may help with joints and bones with the satins. 

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Current Satin Guinea Pigs

This is all the current satin guinea pigs currently living here at Mintie N Friends Guinea Pig Sanctuary.

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