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Brownie's Snake Fight! (Short Story)

Once upon a time there was a guinea pig. This guinea pig's name was Brownie. Brownie was the type of guinea pig that loved to climb and adventure. He lived in a cage. Brownie's cage was filled with food, hay and a wooden house that he loved to play on. He also had a special friend named Macadamia. One day Brownie grew bored of his cage life. He saw an opportunity and broke free and ran. Before he knew it he was outside and so he kept running. Until he came to a park, that had a large field of grass. Surrounded by lots and lots of trees. Brownie decided this was the perfect chance to explore. However Brownie explored in the trees. Before he knew it he was deep in the trees lost. He heard a rustle and looked over, suddenly a green snake jumped out and slithed right at him! Then Brownie quickly jumped out of the way. The snake slithed pass him, but quickly turned back towards Brownie and came slithing towards him at a fast pace! Eventually Brownie came up with an idea. Brownie quickly jumped high up and landed perfectly on the snake. He scratched the snakes eyes and then jumped off. The snake slithed away quickly in fear of Brownie. In the end Brownie decided he missed home. Brownie eventually found his way out of all the trees and made his way home. Once he got back home, he decided his cage was big enough to explore and adventure. He was just happy to be home where it was safe and there was food.


Brownie, who is the inspiration and main character of this story. Brownie is a permanent resident at Mintie N Friends. He was been with us since the day he was born. He has neurological issues and dental issues. Him and Macadamia live happily together.

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