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Mintie's New Friend

Recently we welcomed a new gorgeous piggy into our family, meet Oreo! The fluff bum, haha. A friend especially for Mintie.

He is also special in his own way, as he already getting an understanding for Mintie's different personality... Haha, but seriously in the short time Oreo has been here he has managed to encourage Mintie into trying to eat more vegetable's. But also helped to discover that one of Mintie's new favourite vegetable's is grated carrot. Not only that, but also encouraged him to eat the pellets normally and try and eat hay normally. I caught him in the food/hay rack munching away, I put this in for Oreo. But this a big step for Mintie. I have been slowly working towards this, so this is great news!

Mintie and Oreo seem to be getting on well so far. Mintie seems to being enjoying the company, but only when he wants it. Oreo seems to respect that, they will lay in different place's of the cage sometimes. Then sometimes they will be popcorning around in the cage together like mad. I think they both still have some getting used to each other. For Mintie it's getting used to having the company of another piggy in his cage and not being so startled everytime he comes into contact with Oreo. For Oreo it's getting used to Mintie being a little different and not being able to see or hear as well as he can. But more about Mintie being able to sense or feel only when he is close by.

I do see this as a fairly good friendship so far, so i'm hoping this will continue to grow. I hope that as they grow up together they will grow a stronger bond together. Any friendship takes time to blossom, whether its human's or guinea pig's. We all need to take our time to get to know each other and slowly grow closer. Mintie and Oreo have a 4 week age gap, Mintie being the oldest. I'm hoping this will help give Mintie hierarchy, so that he will have some control. In a sense that Mintie will feel a little safer knowing he has control, even when he can't hear or see as well as Oreo. But can sense him by scent and feel/ contact. I think this has been a really good step to make for Mintie as it has given him the company he wanted and has pushed him into a new comfort zone. But also into a zone that has pushed him to try new things more food wise. I think as time goes he will grow stronger and continue to try new things. Anyway, that wraps up the second installment of Mintie's blog. More to come soon, please let me know what you think and what you would like to hear or see more of from Mintie.

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