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Mintie's New Friend Again

You may find yourself wondering why the title is "Mintie's New Friend Again". Yes, that is the correct title. So depending on how big a fan of Mintie and Oreo you were. You may find this blog a little bit disappointing. But think it's better this way, as it works a lot better... So hear me out.

Since getting that Wi-Fi camera for Mintie's cage to watch him. I did a lot of watching.. I found it so great actually, I went and got another one for the other cage that's outside under the patio. Sorry, getting a little off track. So while watching Mintie and Oreo. I discovered that Oreo was nipping and bullying Mintie. Usually if this was a normal guinea pig. I wouldn't be too worried until blood is drawn. But it was starting to cause stress for Mintie and i never saw that when I watched them. It's interesting how when i was actually standing there watching them Oreo had this innocent act with Mintie and seemed to popcorn around and such. But when i wasnt actually standing there and Oreo couldn't see me. He was being a bossy bully to Mintie. Oreo had no idea that i could see what he was up to, thanks to the Wi-Fi camera. Otherwise, i would have most likely never seen it and it would have continued. I feel so bad, i didnt notice it sooner. Poor Mintie..

So i decided to try my other bossy boy Snickers with Oreo and then try my other sooky boy Snowball with Mintie. So basically swap pairs.. I thought this would be a long shot and wasn't sure how it would go if i'm being honest. Snickers had been bullying Snowball as well. So I bit the bullet and went for it. It turns out these two pairs work so much better then the original pairs. Snickers and Oreo get on so well, it's like they were made for each other. From what I have seen, yes i have been watching them via Wi-Fi camera too. I should add Snickers is a big boy like nearly 1.2kg and hes like only 8 months old. So of course he is gonna make Oreo look small. Although Oreo is like 1 1/2 months old, so Oreo still has a lot of growing to do.

As for Mintie and Snowball, they seem to understand each other better. Snowball has taken to protecting Mintie and looking out for him. It's very cute, if I take Mintie away Snowball wheeks the whole time until I put him back. If Mintie can't find Snowball he lets out this cute little wheek for him and Snowball goes to him. So far they are working out well, from what i have seen. It's great i can see how they act with each other when i'm not standing there watching them. They have both done a lot of popcorning too. Like ALOT, haha. Mintie also seems to be more relaxed with Snowball too. I'm also trying to do outdoor time for small parts of the day when I'm home for Mintie and Snowball to get some fresh air. Considering they live inside and it hasn't been extremely hot or its not too cold just yet.

On another note, Mintie has been eating better on the softened pellets again, so i intend to stick him on those. Good thing is Snowball doesnt seem to mind too much. Although Snowball loves like LOVES all food. In saying that, what piggy doesnt love there food? Snowball has been encouraging Mintie to try eat hay again, as Mintie went off it for a little after he choked. So i think its good he is trying again, he hasnt had anymore choking incidents and i have been watching closely on the Wi-Fi camera as well as in person. He's still trying vegetables, i find he prefers the leafy greens cut up finely or grated carrot, celery or capsicum.. Yep, you can surprisingly grate anything if you have enough determination. It's good to see Mintie is still trying his best with food. He continues to only gain small amounts of weight weekly. But i'm just glad he is eating, drinking and at least slowly gaining the weight even if it is very slowly. It's better then him loosing it. It all takes time, he will have to adjust to a new friend all over again. But this time, i think he will find it a little easier. As him and Snowball seemed to have clicked a little better then he did with Oreo. I would also like to add, that Mintie's indoor cage bottom tray somehow got damaged and cracked.. Wondering how still, thinking it mist have happened when being moved.. Not sure how i didnt notice it sooner. Oh well, for now Mintie and Snowball are in the spare cage. Might have to still look at a better cage option down the track. But for now, it works great.

Anyway, that wraps up the third installment of Mintie's blog. More to come soon, please let me know what you think and what you would like to hear or see more of from Mintie or if you if you would like to see posts of Snickers and Oreo as well and Mintie and Snowball.

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