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Wheekly News - Issue 2

Written by Alison.

Cover photo of Macadamia, one of our lethal whites.

Welcome to Wheekly News. This week's news for the rescues is we welcomed a new rescue this week. His name is Galaxy, he is not only a satin but is also a roan. This means two things. One, being that he is a satin which means he is prone to osteodystrophy or OD an incurable and potentially painful metabolic disease of the bones. Osteodystrophy symptoms begin showing at around 12 to 18 months of age. These symptoms include wobbly gait, problems with eating, and with sows parturition complications. Two, being that he is a roan which means if he was bred with another roan there's a 25% chance they could throw off a lethal white in a litter. You may think 25% is a small chance. But lethal whites are being brought into this world a lot more often these days. Then they used to be, look at it this way its still 1 in 4 chances. If the female was to carry a bigger litter her chance become increasingly high of a lethal white pup bring born.

Health Tip - The best way to keep on top of your guinea pig's health is to regularly weigh them. Keeping a track of there weight helps shows they are gaining well. Any signs of weight loss could be a sign of sickness. Guinea pigs are very good at hiding when they are unwell. So weight checks, can help pick up something is wrong sooner then later.

Photo's of Galaxy, our newest rescue.

Moonpie and Galaxy will be trialed together to see if they can form a bond. As they are both young and both satins and require the same care. It will be easier if they bond and lived together.

Bonding Tip - Always introduce new a guinea pig to an existing guinea pig in a neutral space. As this allows it to be a new area without either of there scents. Another way to help with bonding is a buddy bath, its where you bath both the guinea pigs together. It's like a fresh start and all scents being removed. Allowing for them to get to know each other from scratch and help with building a new friendship.

Moonpie Goes To Space! (Short Story)

Once upon a time there was a guinea pig named Moonpie. Moonpie was not a normal guinea pig, he was a satin. This meant his coat was shiny, as cool as they may sound this did come with a disadvantage. This made Moonpie prone to Osteodystrophy which is an incurable and potentially painful metabolic disease of the bones. One day Moonpie decided he wanted to explore more and get out in the world and see more. On this day he did just that, he saw an opportunity and jumped free from his cage and ran out the front door. He kept running until he come to this strange looking building, he stayed low and hidden and snuck in. Once he was in the building he looked around and found there was so much around him to explore. He wasn't sure what this building was, but there a lot of weird things around him. A door open and he walked through all of a sudden it moved and went up and up and up. After a short time, the doors opened again. This time when they opened he was in a whole different place to the building. He was surrounded by stars and planets. Did he go in a rocket ship and travel to space? How was he still able to breathe? He decided to enjoy the moment instead of asking himself too many questions he didn't even know the answers too. He began exploring and look around there was so many planets and stars above him in the sky. All of a sudden he stepped onto something and made him bounce up into the air, it took him by surprise as he wasn't expecting it. He couldn't work what had just happened. He kept moving, but everytime he took a step he would bounce up into the air. This happened a few more times. At last he took a step that didn't cause him to bounce into the air. He was relieved that was over, he could work out why it kept making him bounce everytime he stepped. He kept exploring and then came to a huge tunnel. He wondered in, it was black with stars lit up all around it. There was this weird whizzing sound while we was wondering through. He couldn't work out where it was coming from and why it was so loud. This huge tunnel felt like it went on forever and ever. He finally found himself out the end of the tunnel. He stepped out and there he looked up and saw the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time. The side with the sun was bright and there was a blue sky and clouds all around. While the side with the moon was dark and there was so many stars that filled the sky. It wasn't sure if this meant it was day or night time. But he just kept moving on, he found himself thinking space seemed like a very weird place. Nothing really seemed to make much sense, then he saw it. The rocket, this was his way back to earth and home. Luckily for him, at this moment the doors opened for him. He spared no time and ran in before the doors closed. Suddenly it moved and went down and down and down. After a short time, the doors opened. Moonpie ran out in hopes he was back in that strange building where he was before going to space. He looked around and had never be so glad to see the strange building with all the weird things around the room. He decided this had a been enough of an adventure today and found himself sneaking back out the strange building. He ran passed a sign with a word on it that spelt M-U-S-E-U-M. Moonpie only being a guinea pig had no idea what that meant, but going to space was more then enough of an adventure for him. He found his way back home and was happy to be back in his cage. Where everything was normal and didn't fill him with questions he didn't have answers for.


Illustration by Alison.

Meet Moonpie, he is a satin himalayan although he is still young. He still growing into his satin coat he is still prone to get osteodystrophy. Moonpie came from the same person I got Galaxy from.

Photo of Moonpie.

Piggy Of The Wheek

This week's Piggy Of The Wheek is Little Beeper, sadly Little Beeper passed away this week. He was a lethal white and I was helping with giving advice to his owner. She did everything she could and gave him lots of love but sadly he still passed away. As lethal whites do have a shorter life, there is no life expectancy for them. Though he lived a short life, he lived a loved life. Rest In Peace Little Beeper. Photo by his owner, Roxanne.

Want your piggy to be featured as Piggy Of The Wheek? Feel free to share a photo of your piggy to have a chance for your piggy to be Piggy Of The Wheek. Issue 3 of Wheekly News will be available from 4-07-2021. Feel free to comment suggestions or tell us if you like something from the blog and we will make it happen.

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