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Wheekly News - Issue 4

Written by Alison.

Cover photo of Mello, one of our lethal whites.

Welcome to Wheekly News, Issue 4. The news for Mintie N Friends. Is sadly Muffin passed away this week after trying to fight very hard for her. She was a lethal white, who was blind and deaf. It also turned out she had no front or back teeth and had a deformed jaw. Despite regular hand feeds and trying hard to save her. She went downhill very quickly. She had a seizure and took her last breathe and passed away in my hands on Tuesday 6-7-2021 around lunch time.

Photo of Muffin, Rest In Peace gorgeous girl.

Health Tip - Always have critical care on hand, critical care is extremely important. As it is packed full of vitamins, minerals etc needed for a guinea pig. This can help a sick guinea pig to recover from a sickness and help to regain weight. Or in this instance guinea pigs like Muffin to eat in general. As Muffin was a lethal white and had no teeth, she struggled to eat normal food and relied on critical care to keep her diet what it needed to be.

In other news, we can happily reported two successful bondings of two pairs here at Mintie N Friends.

Firstly, Moonpie and Galaxy. Have been successful paired and are living happily together running around and playing to snuggling in an igloo like brothers.

Secondly, Mr Bond and Miss Ruby. Have been successful paired and living together happily. They are like a married couple sometimes want to snuggle together to that occasional bicker. I would like to add even though both Mr Bond and Miss Ruby are both lethal whites. Mr Bond is desexed and safe to be with Miss Ruby.

All the lethal whites at Mintie N Friends, got there teeth checked and trimmed this week as well. This is extremely important to be done every 2-4 weeks with lethal whites as there teeth go grow at a much faster rate then normal guinea pigs.

Photo's of Macadamia's teeth before and after to show to the difference.

Chewie also had to have his teeth trimmed, this is why it so important to regularly check your guinea pig's and watch for signs. As soon as I noticed the amount of drool around Chewie's mouth/neck. I immediately got him out and gave him a full check over. Only to notice his bottom tooth had grown so long, thick and fast.

This really does show how important it is to keep an eye on your guinea pig's teeth. All the guinea pig's at Mintie N Friends are on a diet to try and prevent this. But even so, it can still happen. Chewie has been on crittacare to get him back up to health and regain weight. Sadly he's not improving and will require a trip to the vet.

Photo's of before and after of Chewie's teeth to show the difference.

Captain Chewie: Quest For The Golden Carrots (Short Story)

Once upon a time there was a guinea pig named Chewie. But he was better known as Captain Chewie. For he was the captain of his ship. Captain Chewie loved to sail the seas in search of adventure and most importantly treats. Captain Chewie had been on the search for something special. The golden carrots, as told by many to be the juiciest and tasty of all carrots that ever existed. Captain Chewie and his crew had fought the seas and many fellow guinea pig foes to get the one of a kind map that would lead them to the golden carrots. Captain Chewie had even lost an eye in a fight with three horrible and brutal guinea pigs. Just to get a small chance of information he needed to lead him closer to the map. Then one day, that trail him and his crew had been on for so long. Finally paid off, they finally found the last stop. This was the day, they found the one of a kind map. This trail had found them stopping at this island, they didn't believe was real until a mysterious female guinea pig by the name of Mello told them about it. She told them there was only one way to get there and it was dangerous. They had travelled long and hard to get to this island, this is where there adventure really began. They got off the ship, which they had dock miles from the island. As the island was surrounded by pointy rocks. So they left the ship, navigated and swam to the shore of the island. This island was very green and full of trees. They had to get through all the trees to get to the other side to get to the map. The best way they knew how to get through so many trees was to chew. So they all did just that, they chewed and chewed. After many hours of chewing, they finally found themselves through the other side of the trees. There ahead of them was a pedestal with an old woode box placed on top it. There was only a small area for this pedestal with the old wooden box. All around it was surrounded by more trees. Captain Chewie walked up with caution and slowly opened the old wooden box. There is was the one of the kind map. He and his crew had been in search for so long. He opened the map, only to find the treasure chest was on the the very island they were already on. But it was right over the other side of the island. They began chewing again, after a much shorter time they came to an opening. They saw an X on the floor of the sand a distance ahead. One of the crew members ran ahead to check it out. But while doing so triggered a trap and a large boulder came down and followed after him. Luckily he was able to move out of the way just in time and large boulder kept rolling until it roll into the water. Once they all arrived at the X, they all started digging. It took awhile of digging, but once they found the treasure chest. It was all worth it, they worked together and got treasure chest out. They opened in up and there in front of them was the shiniest looking carrots they ever saw. Captain Chewie agreed to was fair they all had there share. They lay on the sand and happily munched away and enjoyed there juiciest carrots they had ever tasted.


Illustration by Alison.

Meet Chewie, he is the main character for this story. Chewie, was surrendered from a lady who got him off Gumtree thinking he was completely normal. But found that he only had one eye once she got him home. She wasnt sure what to do or how to care for him. So he came to me for the correct care and love. From what i was told from the lady who surrendered him to me. Was that he lost his eye in a fight. It has been treated and he does just fine. His eye needs regular cleans and eye cream from time to time. He got desexed and paired with Sheep. Sadly as he is doing unwell due to dental.

Photo of Chewie.

Comic Of The Wheek

Illustration by Alison.

Piggy Of The Wheek

Piggy Of The Whe Piggy Of The Wheek is Rocket Raccoon. Photo by his owner Jamie Jameson. Want your piggy to be featured as Piggy Of The Wheek? Feel free to share a photo of your piggy to have a chance for your piggy to be Piggy Of The Wheek.k is Rocket Raccoon. Photo by his owner Jamie Jameson. Want your piggy to be featured as Piggy Of The Wheek? Feel free to share a photo of your piggy to have a chance for your piggy to be Piggy Of The Wheek.

Photo of Rocket Raccoon.


This wheek's favourite is Apple Crunch.

Apple Crunch is a MINTIE. Mix that contains apple, mint and oaten chaff.

Wheekly News - Issue 5 - August. Coming out mid- end of August 2021.

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Jul 18, 2021

Beautiful story😍love re about your piggies and great advice 💕

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